Lives Changed

Our church now feels more alive than ever.

"Without the food from Daily Bread this woman would have never come in to the food pantry and more than likely would have ended up terminating her pregnancy."

A woman came in to our food pantry and was in a hurry to receive her food, saying she had an appointment to get to. The woman eventually shared that she had an appointment later that morning to get an abortion. One of the ladies from the pantry asked if they could talk. As they talked, the pantry worker explained how several years ago she had chosen to have and abortion and how that decision has continued to affect her life. She told the woman that if she would consider having the baby that the church would help her with diapers and food. They prayed and the woman left. Several months later this woman returned to the pantry fully pregnant and then a few short weeks after that she came to show everyone at the pantry her baby. The church remained faithful to their word and helped this woman with diapers and food until she got back on her feet.


Daily Bread Ministry Partner

This class was a divine appointment for me personally and for my ministry. It has brought revival to my life and has brought me back to a place of intimacy with God.

Daily Bread Ministry Partner

The relationship we have with Daily Bread has transformed our church. For a long time we felt stuck, we were not serving our community and the church was just existing. Daily Bread's partnership with us and our food pantry has served as a catalyst for new and exciting ministries to be born in our church and our church now feels more alive than ever.

Daily Bread Ministry Partner